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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

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Emergency disaster cleanup services

  • Fire and smoke recovery
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Mould removal and environmental remediation
  • Wind and storm damage recovery

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DKI App Download

The new DKI App is here and works on iPhones, Androids and Blackberry BB10 phones.

What does the DKI App do?

  • Allows you to easily find DKI members anywhere in Canada
  • Easily report any loss or damage with a click of a button
  • See great tips on home maintenance
  • Find most of the common emergency locations or contact info anywhere in Canada and from wherever you are
  • Plus a whole lot more
  • Works on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry BB10 phones

To download, simply go to http://www.dki.ca/downloads/ or scan the following QR code

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